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5 Ingredients for a good Trip

5 Ingredients of a Unique and Memorable Journey

Twenty-first-century travelers are searching for new and unique encounters. Travelers want to discover and understand the culture and history of the places they visit. They want to experience a destination just like a local to get an authentic feeling for any country or area. It’s no longer about staying in the most expensive resorts – it’s about providing clients with experiences they’ll never forget. Ones that nobody else has Instagrammed.

Here are five ingredients for a unique and memorable journey:

1.) The travel experience must be authentic
Modern travelers are searching for authentic experiences of the site, town, village or city they’re visiting. Although there will always be “must-see” tourist spots to visit, also seek out authentic as well as local experiences. For example, include visits to places where the locals work, such as industrial sites, cemeteries or markets to get deeper insight right into a country’s lifestyle. Taking public transport provides you access to faraway regions and other places where regular tourists rarely visit. Arrange a lunch at a popular eatery and eat and chat with the locals. Have a beer in a well-known bar located away from the standard areas frequented by typical visitors.

2.) The journey needs unique destinations
A visit must include unique experiences that are not mentioned in the popular tourist guides. If you fear the unknown, create unique experiences by combining and matching different activities like day trips, cruises and activities that match your personal preferences and pursuits. Add pre-and post excursions to the main trip you have booked.

3.) Consider intimacy
Having own staff at each destination is difficult for any small travel company, so look for a tour company that provides a well-trained Tour Leader who accompanies the guests on excursions during each trip. This person can make a travel experience a lot more intimate. Additionally, a local guide should be with the group at each destination they visit.

4.) Look out for memorable moments
As pointed out earlier, there will always be “must-see” places for guests to visit at every destination. But whenever you can, travel with a company that goes the extra mile to make your visit more memorable. Ask to visit an ordinary person’s house, or check out a local workplace. These moments often require effort from your side because you’ll need to adapt to local conditions. More often than not, the result is worth the effort.

5.) Allow it to be safe
Guests expect security and safety when they travel. A tour should be designed to allow your mind and body to slowly become familiarized with the country or area you visit. A good travel company works together with a Destination Management Company that can quickly react to problems and emergencies. Other companies use a Tour Leader who is always on hand or a telephone call away to supply guests with satisfaction.

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